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Juozas Ruzgas – well known Lithuanian sculptor and journalist, who made a lot of significant works for the country, but mostly – for Kaunas. Various institutions and high schools there in Kaunas are decorated by J.Ruzgas' works: "Plasma", "Warmth", "Thunder", "Vytautas The Great ".... He - the director, screenplay editor and cameraman of firs amateurish movie "Scholarship laughs" in Lithuania and, probably, in Baltic states. In 1956-1960 years operated cine-photo amateur coterie, founded by Juozas Ruzgas, is important in history of Vilnius Art Academy – that was beginning of kathedral of Photography and Media (founded in 1994). Juozas Ruzgas - crewman of the first Lithuanian television, first artist-cameraman of Lithuanian television, originator of new genre in Lithuania cinema - "nju".
More than that, Juozas Ruzgas together with Rimtas Gibavicius have diserved to Lithuania by filmed lithuanian folk sculptures under the open sky and authentic Cross Hill (acknowledged UNESCO World Cultural Heritage now), before demolition in soviet time.

Some of J.Ruzgas' works are bought by Lithuanian Art Museum, National M.K.Ciurlionis art museum, some of them are included in registry of cultural valuables of Lithuania Republic.


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